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About Us

Around 10 percent of Kenyan population or 4.7 million people are persons living with disabilities. Disabilities include mobility,visual,auditory,speech and cognitive .Disabled people levels of education and employment remain low leading them to remain in abject poverty, this is despite the constitution of Kenya at Article 54 providing for persons with disabilities rights and other Acts of Parliaments and international treaties which Kenya is a signatory.It is on this background that some individuals met on 7/9/2019 and decided to form an NGO by disabled professionals who saw were struggling to find jobs/opportunities because of their disability. They submitted the documents on 13/11/2018 to NGO Board and afterwards got their certificate on 18/10/2019.


To promote the welfare of disabled professionals/people in Kenya.


To ensure disabled professionals/people live a dignified life in Kenya.

Core Values

Inclusiveness, human dignity, social justice, non discrimination, protection of the marginalised.